Frequently Asked Questions


Q: We are a new family. How do we get started?

A: Welcome! We are glad you are here! We know that starting at a new dance studio can be overwhelming. We recommend taking the following steps to get connected. 

Step 1: Browse our programs to find the right fit for your child.

Step 2: View our schedule to select classes that work for you.

Step 3: CONTACT US HERE!  We will provide you with a user name and password to get you set up in our parent portal.

Step 4: Once you receive your user name and password, you can register for classes and set up payments in our parent portal.

Step 5: View and order required uniforms by class.

Q: I have concerns about COVID-19. What precautions are you taking?

A: We here at TCBT will work to keep our studio a safe environment. Here is what we have been doing and are doing now, as of 12/2020:

  • Masks will be worn into the building, lobbies, and classrooms until the dancer starts to dance at a safe distance.

  • This applies to everyone age 12 and over, unless you have discussed this with our director.

  • All teachers and staff will be teaching in a mask or face shield. 

  • Students may leave their mask on once class begins, but it is not required.

  • No parents will be allowed in the building. Drop off and pickup only. 

  • We have the floors marked so we can keep the students 6 feet apart, or at a safe distance, in class.

  • The studio and lobby spaces are being cleaned everyday. We also clean the bathrooms, chairs, doors, etc.

  • Water is accessible.

  • Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.


Q: How much do classes cost?

A: You can view our tuition and payment information below the schedule here

Q: Do I have to buy all uniform pieces from the Eurotard link?

A: No. The Eurotard link is only required for specific class leotard colors so that all students look uniform. Feel free to shop around for tights, shoes, and basic uniform pieces, which can be found at many dance supply stores.

You are always welcome to use the discount code at Discount Dance. The code is TP56681. Use it to checkout and save 10% the first time and 5% anytime after. There are also several dance boutiques in the area:

  • Bellissimo in Franklin

  • The Dance Store in Murfreesboro

  • Spells in Brentwood

Q: What should my boy dancer wear?

A: Boys will need to wear a white fitted shirt, dance belt, black tights, and black ballet shoes. Hair always combed nicely. is a good site to look at for your young male dancer, as well as our required uniform link. 

Q: What is the required uniform for electives?

A: Modern: any color leotard, black footless tights, no shoes, hair pulled up and out of the face in a bun or braid

Stretch and Strengthen: any color leotard, black footless tights, no shoes, hair pulled up and out of the face in a bun or braid

Jazz: any color leotard, black tights or capris, no shorts, black jazz shoes, hair in a bun or braid

Adult: always welcome to wear anything comfortable that you would workout in


Q: How do I do a classical ballet bun?

A: Watch this tutorial for a great classical ballet bun.  


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